Do you ever get sick of people trying to sell you the formula for success? While it would be lovely if we were all leaders and innovators, in these tough times options are limited. The only choice you might have for the time being (at least) is to get through the day the best way you can.

Whether you actually are doing something you love or not, paid or unwaged, suited or booted, doing what’s necessary to keep yourself in work is a survival skill. It’s not as easy as it looks either, especially given the social no-no’s about openly admitting to struggling with work. And if you’re suffering to the extent that it’s actually affecting your mental health? Well, say the words “mental illness” out loud at work and it’s like you just farted in a lift.

So let’s just spell out some harsh realities: we’re in the middle of long recession, everyone’s trying to get their head above water and learning a few new survival skills might come in handy…

Surviving Work offers free and confidential resources for people who want to become more resilient either in or out of work. We are not purveyors of magic solutions. Nor do we promise to make you thinner or richer. But we will help you survive work.

We have just set up the Surviving Work Library, a free resource based on the experience of people who are actually doing it.  

We need you to put a link to the library on your websites, become our published authors by sending in your top tips, your stories and ideas to the website and by telling anyone you can think of about the Surviving Work Library. And if you wanted us to come over for tea and a chat and do some recordings with you or the people that you work with then just give us a buzz on .

Small Print Warning: You might possibly enjoy yourself. But don’t count on it – we’re only here to help you survive work. 



This is the campaign to survive work. Give us your top tips to add to the Surviving Work Library, helpful stuff for human beings.

This will not make you thinner or richer but it will make you more attractive to the rest of the human race.

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